The Skelly Challenge

Paul Skelly was a founding member of BRC and one of its leading lights. He was also a huge supporter of O2e and devised the 'Skelly Challenge' as both an incentive to ride in the winter and as a huge fundraiser for O2e.

Tragically, the world lost Paul in 2016 but his spirit looms large over BRC and O2e. His 'col' marker lies at the foot of Beddlestead Hill near Tatsfield, Kent as it was his favourite climb.


The challenge...

Riders can tackle either the 'Classic' or 'Epic' challenge. Both must be completed in January...

The Classic involves riding 400 miles in the month, indoors or out.

The Epic is also 400 miles, but must be outside, cover at least 10 miles every day and include at least one 'century' ride. As the pictures show, that can be horrible.