Mont Ventoux Hatrick

Monday, June 18, 2018

Guest post from Joe Webb:


The idea was simple. Ride up and down the three roads that ascend the iconic Mont Ventoux in a single day; 86 miles with 15,000 feet of climbing.

Sunday: We arrived at our accommodation in Malaucene, a great location. During a quick bike check spin on Sunday afternoon it was very apparent that Ben Moody was in fine form, climbing a 2 mile 6%er with ease or so i was told Simon Jackson, who wasn’t too far behind him. 

Monday: After leaving the trip support, Chris Ensom, behind to organise supplies and dinner the four riders headed off to Gorges de la Nesque, a must if you are ever lucky enough to be in the area, beautiful scenery, quiet roads and nothing too steep. 

Tuesday: The Main Event. On the first climb from Malaucene (13.3 miles with an average of 7%) (me; 2 hours-ish) Ben and Simon were very soon out of my sight. When the road had long straight sections I did manage to get a glimpse of Siobhan Carrol further up the road now and then.  Eventually after climbing through the clouds the summit came into view, Chris was a welcome sight supplying essential food and drink. Let the first descent begin…12.8 miles later in Bedoin I turned around and started the climb back to the top.


This climb was brutal, the first few miles are about 4% then it never seems to drop below