Seeking all leaders!

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

The Monday and Wednesday evening training rides don't just magically happen, they do require someone to step up and volunteer to be a Ride Leader to ensure everyone knows that there is a ride, where the ride is going (and who to blame when it all goes wrong).

Up to this point we've simply kept a spreadsheet where existing Ride Leaders can add in the rides that they can lead, and everyone else can view that same spreadsheet to see who is down to lead a ride.

Today we're updating that experience a little bit by ensuring that the Ride Leaders page shows all the relevant information to you without the need to click on and view/download a spreadsheet.

The page also contains some useful information about what we need from a Ride Leader (it really isn't that hard) so if you fancy getting a little more involved in your local cycling club, contact us and we can add you to the list of Ride Leader Admins who can update the data on the website.


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