Updates to the 2018 Calendar

Friday, December 8, 2017


A couple of changes have been made to the calendar which we posted about last week in Looking forward to 2018.


Firstly, the date, time and location for the 2018 BRC AGM has been set. This will take place on Thursday 15th March 2018 at 19:30 at Patrick's in Beckenham.


Secondly, we've unfortunately taken the decision to remove the 2 Cyclopark events from the calendar for now. The committee had discussed only hiring the venue for 2 hours as this was more than enough time for us to do our practice and timed laps, and would make it much more cost-effective. However, there is a minimum 3 hour hire time and with previous low take-up we didn't feel it was in the best interests of all the members to to massively subsidise an event attended by only a few. That said, if there is sufficient interest, we could look at the end of season event again, provided we had sufficient interest from people up front.


For those of you that haven't studied the calendar in detail, it may be useful to highlight some of the activities in there currently:

  • BRC to Brighton Ride on 12th May (with 4 prep rides leading up to it)

  • Friday Night Pub Rides starting up again on 4th May

  • Skelly Memorial Ride on 20th May

  • New for this year, the BRC to Cambridge Ride on 24th June (with 3 prep rides leading up it)