Cyclone Park!

BRC made another visit to the Cyclopark in Gravesend yesterday despite the efforts of Storm Brian to batter and buffet us. By the time we made it on to the track, 12 adults, 4 children and a handful of supporting 'other halves' had turned up. After a quick initial debrief from David Fearn everyone did some recce laps to get used to the rather wet track and work out where the wind was worst (mostly all over the track).

First up for timed laps were the adults, dividing up in to pairs, one out on the track, one by the start/finish line timing each lap. The first batch of riders went out with the rain disappearing and the sun appearing miraculously, giving hope to the second batch that the drying track might give them an edge! Sadly, half an hour or so later when the last rider of the first batch had done his 6th and final lap, the darker skies had returned and the rains fell once more.

Desperately trying to find shelter underneath the overhanging roof of the main building, the second batch of riders tried to assess the situation, wondering how long they could delay and hope that the rains would disappear again. Deciding that the situation was worsening, they set off on a first lap of horror as the wind and rain lashed down (definitely tricky for those of us with glasses!). However, the gods were obviously looking down on us as the rain abated for the second lap and eventually dried the track out enough to take some of the corners with a lot more speed and a lot less braking.

Once the adults had had their fun, it was time for the kids to get out on the track and show us what they could do (was I the only one slightly worried that one of them might beat my time?). By now the Cyclopark was rather empty and devoid of life apart from us, even the cafe was closed in the middle of a Saturday afternoon! After a few more free-for-all laps, most of us called it a day and headed to the car park to load up our vehicles and head home.

All in all, and despite the weather, it was another great session for BRC and we look forward to returning again the Spring, hopefully! Full results will be posted to the Facebook group soon, along with last years results so that anyone who has done it before can compare timings.


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