One-off Rides

Using our social media platforms, BRC members frequently arrange to go for rides throughout the year. Long or short, slow or fast - riders will naturally find the right company for an enjoyable ride.

And, without fail, an enticing tea room on the route for cake!

"Does anyone know of the coffee hut at Botley Hill is open during the week or is it just weekends?"

"Anyone commuting into London at the moment fancying early morning loops of Regent’s Park before work???"

"I am heading out Ide Hill direction tomo if anyone fancies and 20-25kmph-ish spin"

"Heading out for my 10 mile loop at 6.30 - anyone  looking for miles?"

"Am thinking of visiting General Wolf in Westerham and Greenwich this afternoon if anyone fancies joining?"

"Wind's dropped, might go for a short one.

Anyone fancy it?"