Our History

Once upon a time, a few of the players at Beckenham Rugby Football Club decided that they might be 'getting on a little' to endure the rigours of full-contact rugby training. So they decided to start riding together to stay fit. Carefully planning their group rides to end as the rugby club bar opened, Beckenham Rugby Cyclists was born.

We still have a cohort of ex-players in BRC, and our bond with BRFC remains strong. Indeed, our logo incorporates the BRFC shield.

What makes us smile?

Well, to be honest, being out on two wheels with kindred spirits. And the social 'craic' around the riding, of course. We're good at that!


Our mission is to enjoy the sport of road riding with like-minded people, to forge new friendships on the road and to encourage as many people as possible to join us in this experience.


We genuinely encourage riders of all ages, from all walks of life and from all communities to share with us the joy of cycling. We all suffer the same going up a '1-in-10' and all laugh the same coming down the other side. 

For BRC, riding is about enjoyment. Yes, some of the more dedicated members are slaves to their Strava segments and there is much cycling talk largely unfathomable to an outsider. But for most, riding is simply a great way of keeping fit, enjoying the countryside and making good friends. And eating cake. Never forget the cake.