Riding with BRC - the Basics

Safety first...

This is the formal bit, sorry. We promise the rest will be fun!

In order to ensure your ride with BRC is a safe one, we do ask that all of our riders and their equipment meet a few basic requirements.

The Rider...

  • Club rides are open to all BRC members and to guest riders. Guests may join a Club ride on a maximum of three occasions before joining the club as a member;

  • Guest riders must be at least 13 years old and, if under the age of 16, be accompanied throughout by a responsible adult;

  • Whilst previous experience of group road riding is not essential, all riders must have the competence and experience necessary to ride safely on public roads;

  • Riders are responsible for their own wellbeing and must not undertake a ride if there is any indication that it may risk their health.

The Kit...

  • Bikes must be fully roadworthy. If yours needs a check over or a little TLC, our friends at Deens Garage will put you right. 

  • If a ride starts or ends in darkness or poor visibility, adequate lights must be fitted. These should be adequate for the type of route, including unlit country lanes;

  • All riders must wear – at all times when riding - a helmet which complies with the safety standards of EN1078;

  • Riders must carry basic roadside repair equipment at least sufficient to allow puncture repairs.

The Ride...
  • Riders must carry a form of identification and emergency contact details;

  • Mobile phones must be carried to facilitate emergency communications;

  • Riders should carry sufficient water for the planned ride;

  • BRC aims to abide by the Highway Code at all times.